iPhone and Android Mobile GPS Workforce Tracking App Developed by RASTRAC

Rastrac develops mobile GPS tracking application for fleet management and asset tracking.

RASTRAC, a leader in the GPS tracking and fleet management industry, formally announced today the development of PocketRASTRAC, an application to turn an iPhone or Android phone/tablet into a GPS tracker, complete with secure, 2-way messaging.

The PocketRASTRAC app allows anyone to track employees, team members, or assets without having to purchase costly hardware. All that is needed is an Android device or iPhone. PocketRASTRAC transforms this device into an advanced tracking platform, complete with reporting based on time, distance, speed, and turn detect.

Fleet managers and dispatchers are able to view where employees or assets are by logging into any device with an internet connection, including their own mobile devices. This can dramatically increase worker productivity, lower many overhead costs such as fuel spending, and greatly increase the safety of employees.

PocketRASTRAC allows for the effective management of many field-related issues. Employees are able to send status updates (such as clocking in or taking break) and form messages, as well as plain text messages to keep connected while in the field. Real-time positions of the devices are viewable at any time, as well as a "breadcrumb" track history. Alerts may be set-up to notify of any speeding incidents, when an employee arrives or leaves a certain location, and when one of many other types of events occurs.

"GPS tracking and fleet management is more accessible now than ever before with the use of PocketRASTRAC," said Javier Ortiz of international sales for RASTRAC. "With over half of the human population having access to an iOS or Android product, it only makes sense to secure your assets and employees by using PocketRastrac. If you want to manage your fleet more effectively, this product is a must in your portfolio of tools."

For more information on PocketRASTRAC, visit http://rastrac.com/pocketrastrac.html .


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