RASTRAC Announces StreetComplete for Specialty Vehicle Mapping


RASTRAC, a leader in the GPS tracking and fleet management industry, has developed StreetComplete to give users the ability to map service coverage area with real-time, color-coded, aging routes.  This makes it a powerful, versatile, and fully customizable tool designed for any application that requires repeated coverage or monitoring of a specific service area. The customizable color coding system allows users to have an “at a glance” view of how much time has passed since a route received service.

For example, in winter, municipalities often use StreetComplete to manage snowplow operations. With this program, custom timers can be set according to the city’s needs, and fleet managers can see which roads are the most in need of clearing. Knowing how long it has been since a given route was visited is an effective means for improving coverage in each service area.

Since the user can customize the time ranges assigned to each color, StreetComplete is a very versatile application for performing live monitoring of a given service area. For example, a green color code may be set for a route that was just completed, a yellow one for a route that is nearing the normal deadline for the next maintenance, and a red code for a route that is overdue. This allows one to quickly assess which routes are most in need of service.

While normal GPS tracking solutions can help improve the distribution of your assets in the field, using StreetComplete can help you take this a step further. “Knowing which areas are most in need of service allows you to redistribute your field assets to where they can have the biggest impact without overlapping. This helps improve the overall efficiency of your field operations,” says Mike Feeley, National Sales Director at RASTRAC.

StreetComplete will be shown at the APWA 2017 North American Snow Conference in Des Moines, Iowa April 23-26, 2017 at booth 1144.

ABOUT RASTRAC: RASTRAC (www.rastrac.com) is a leading GPS fleet tracking and remote asset management solution for companies of all sizes. Founded in 1993, RASTRAC has provided vehicle tracking solutions to companies all over the world to help them reduce their operating expenses. The GPS fleet tracking and remote asset management solutions offered can help reduce unnecessary costs on everything from excess fuel usage to costly vehicle breakdowns, and more. 

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